Vastu Tips for homes in 2023

Vastu Tips for homes in 2023

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Published at: February 14, 2023

The Science of Architecture or Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of integrating architecture with nature using various elements like symmetry, geometric patterns, and directional alignments. This is not a rigid science but offers guidelines for the construction and design of homes, temples, gardens, and cities among other areas. Many people infuse elements of Vastu Shastra in their homes to create harmony and make them more conducive the growth and happiness.

Vastu Shastra has a lot of elements and numerous rules. This makes it very difficult for most people to understand and implement it comprehensively in their homes. It is based on the belief that the energy of a house influences its residents and by choosing the right layout, colour, and directions, one can create a Vastu-compliant space. In this article, we will share some important Vastu tips for your home in 2023.

Before you start making changes based on Vastu guidelines, it is important to evaluate the structure, form, and elements of each room in your house. While Vastu specifies that rooms should be square or rectangular, it also offers guidelines to nullify the ill effects of an irregularly-shaped room. Also, the rooms should be airy, well-lit, and organized. Here are some Vastu tips for your home:

Front Door Vastu Tips

The front door has an important place in Vastu Shastra since it is considered to be the entry point for emotions and energy for the people living in the house. If you are buying a new house, then make sure that the door faces North, East, or Northeast. This means that when you step out of your home, you should face one of these three directions. However, if you have already purchased the house, then here are some Vastu tips for the front door:

  • Use a wooden door
  • The main door should open inwards. As per Vastu, this ensures that the main energy of the house stays inside
  • If your family is losing a lot of money, try placing some sort of a barrier at the front door
  • Do not keep a shoe rack or trash can right inside the entrance to the house
  • Do not paint the front door black
  • If the front door does not receive natural light, then install a bulb and make sure that the entrance is not ill-lit
  • The front door should open in a clockwise direction
  • Avoid putting fountains or any water-based decorations outside the front door

Living Room Vastu Tips

The living room is an important part of the house. People tend to spend the most time in the living room and it has the maximum activity and movement. Here are some Vastu tips for the living room:

  • A living room with windows opening in the Northwest direction is considered to be the most beneficial
  • Arrange the furniture of the living room in the west or southwest direction
  • Electrical devices like TV, speakers, etc. should be placed in the Southeast corner of the living room
  • Use light colours for the walls
  • Keep the central area of the living room unoccupied
  • If you are placing a mirror in the living room, place it on a wall facing North

Bedroom Vastu Tips

The bedroom is also an important room in the house that requires positive and calming energies that enhance relationships and good health. Here are some Vastu tips for the bedroom:

  • Place the bed with the head facing West in the Southwest direction of the bedroom
  • Do not place a mirror or television directly opposite the bed. As per Vastu, this can cause commotion and arguments at home
  • Use neutral or earthy tones on the bedroom walls. Avoid painting the walls black or dark blue
  • Do not use paintings or sculptures representing a fountain or a water body
  • Use mood lighting and essential oils to create a peaceful atmosphere

Kitchen Vastu Tips

The kitchen should be clutter-free. Here are some Vastu tips for the kitchen:

  • The kitchen should be in the South or Southeast part of the house as that is the direction of the fire
  • The sink and gas stove should be in opposite directions

Bathroom and Toilet Vastu Tips

  • Avoid having a combined toilet and bathroom or building a toilet inside the bathroom
  • Mirrors should face North or East
  • Use pale colours like light blue, white, grey, etc. on the walls
  • If the bathroom or toilet is in the Southwest direction, then you can place a Vastu pyramid outside it or always keep the door shut
  • The bathroom windows should face the East, West, or North
  • Try to use a wooden door for the bathroom

If you believe in Vastu Shastra, then it is important to choose a house that is constructed keeping the Vastu guidelines in mind. In recent years, many developers have started realizing the significance of Vastu norms and inculcating them as far as possible. In Pune, Sankla Buildcoon is one such developer who focuses on Vastu principles and ensures adherence to them wherever possible. If you are looking for a house in Pune that has basic Vastu compliance in place, then you can look at properties like SATYAM NIRANJANI at Hadapsar, SOMMET at Bhugaon, Avani at Mohammadwadi, SATYAM RAJYOG at Dhanori, SATYAM PRIMA at Manjri-Solapur, and SANKLA EXCLUSIVE VISTAS at Pisoli, Pune.