5 NY resolutions that one can fulfill at any of Sankla Buildcoon projects

5 NY resolutions that one can fulfill at any of Sankla Buildcoon projects

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Published at: December 13, 2022

The New Year is a time of change. This is the time when people create resolutions based on aspects that they want to change in their lives. These changes are usually driven toward living healthier, fuller, and happier lives. The place you live can play an important role in determining your quality of life. In this article, we will talk about the residential projects by Sankla Buildcoon and how living in one of them can help you fulfill certain New Year resolutions.

Here are five New Year resolutions that make it to the list of most people:

  1. Living a healthier life
  2. Spending more time with family and friends
  3. Reading more
  4. Losing weight
  5. Learning a new skill

Here is how you can fulfill these resolutions at any of the Sankla Buildcoon projects.

Living a healthier life

Living in a city results in battling different types of pollution like noise pollution, air pollution, etc. In such an environment, living in a residential locality that allows you to live a healthier life is like an oasis in the desert. So, if your New Year’s resolution includes living a healthier life, then you might want to consider moving to a residential locality that helps healthier living. In Pune, Sankla Buildcoon offers properties that elevate modern living with vibrant communities. It has projects like Sommet at Bhugaon, Pune that set you free from the urban chaos and reconnect with life.

Spending more time with family and friends

In recent years, many people have started understanding the importance of spending time with their loved ones. While there are many restaurants and social outlets to meet friends and family members, if you are living in a complex that offers avenues for socializing and unwinding, then the avenues for spending time with them increase. Most Sankla Buildcoon’s properties have gardens and sit-out areas that can help spend more time with your loved ones.

Reading more

Books are the greatest source of knowledge and inspiration. Many people have started turning to books to learn from some of the greatest minds that lived before them. One of the most important aspects of effective reading is the place where you sit to read. In Sankla Buildcoon’s properties, you have numerous avenues to curl up with a book amidst nature or by your balcony as you deem fit.

Losing weight

This is probably one of the most common New Year resolutions of people around the world. One of the best ways to lose weight is by going on walks or jogging. Most of Sankla Buildcoon’s properties like Satyam Niranjani, Sommet, Avani, Satyam Rajyog, and Satyam Prima have jogging tracks to help residents achieve their weight loss goals. The housing complexes also ensure that the tracks are maintained optimally.

Learning a new skill

Skills can make our lives seem more fulfilling and add an element of excitement. Learning a new skill requires time and patience. Most of Sankla Buildcoon’s properties are well-connected with major commercial areas of Pune. Hence, you can get home quickly and have time to pursue a skill or hobby. Also, peace and serenity with all properties can help you focus and learn the skill you want.

When you create a New Year’s resolution, it is important to give yourself the best shot at fulfilling it. While certain resolutions are internal like changing habits, others require the right environment around your to make them a success. In Pune, you can opt for a range of Sankla Buildcoon’s properties that are designed to help you achieve various life goals and New Year’s resolutions including SATYAM NIRANJANI at Hadapsar, SOMMET at Bhugaon, AVANI at Mohammadwadi, SATYAM RAJYOG at Dhanori, and SATYAM PRIMA at Manjri-Solapur.