Building relationships that last a lifetime


To have an exceptional standard of quality Real Estate development while continuously setting new benchmarks in the industry that benefit the customers and leads to mutual growth.

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To provide the customers with what they desire by always keeping their requirements as the top priority and regularly understanding what the latest trends and developments in the market are.

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Ethos & Values

Quality, Opportunity, Innovation, and Happiness are our primary values at Sankla Buildcoon. These four pillars form the foundation of our philosophy. Through these robust pillars, we focus on delivering homely feeling, building creative solutions that drive productivity, and providing a safe environment where people can be happy at work.


Excellence in quality is accomplished with implementation of an established quality system to achieve an acceptably high level of performance from individuals, sub-contractors and suppliers through time.


Opportunity comes in many forms, and Sankla Buildcoon bags every single one. From developers, customers, agents and partners, we always look for new opportunities to help better our clients and partners grow and flourish.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It drives us forward toward a future where Sankla Buildcoon will be recognized as the true innovators in real estate development.


To help our customers grow and maintain a positive experience throughout the real estate process.

Passion for work

Our brand legacy radiates the true meaning of ethics, innovation, customer satisfaction and quality.
This success is attributed to the fact that we remain close to our customers in an ever-changing real estate scenario. The Passion of Work at Sankla Buildcoon’ is our assertion to surpass the clients’ expectations.