5 tips on how can you make the most of your space in your home

5 tips on how can you make the most of your space in your home

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Published at: September 9, 2022

Regardless of the size of the house, there is always a need for more space. All of us might not be experts at interiors and sometimes miss simple tricks that can make the house look bigger and brighter. In this article, we will offer five tips to help you make the most of your space in your home.

01: Increase natural light in your home

A well-lit room can look much bigger than it actually is. Choosing the right lighting can help determine the areas that are highlighted and the ones that aren’t. One of the best ways to make your house look spacious is to use as much natural light as possible. The first thing you can do is work with light-colored curtains and blinds. Use sheer material if possible as it can improve the amount of natural light that enters the house. If you have limited scope for natural light, then use interior lighting meticulously to illuminate the required areas of your home to make it look bright and cozy.

02: Keep the floor clear

Houses look cluttered if a lot of things are spread on the floor. Over-utilized floor spaces are usually a result of a lack of planning. Start thinking vertically and maximize the utilization of wall space to clear space on the floor. Look at every element in the room and think of ways in which you can use options on the wall to keep the floor clutter-free. Instead of standing racks, consider using wall-mounted racks for clothes, books, and other things.

03: Consider size and proportion

Size and proportion play a big role in determining the spaciousness of a house. As a general rule, using low furniture can make the room feel larger and the ceiling taller. Another intelligent way of doing this is creating a gallery wall that is placed vertically as it draws the eye upwards. Also, when using rugs, choosing a large bright rug will stretch the borders of the area. On the other hand, using many small rugs will break the area into smaller sections.

04: Use multi-tasking household items

Every household has certain requirements. For example, you will need a fixed number of seating areas, tables for dinner and coffee breaks, a place to keep kitchen towels, shoes, and various other things. When you set up a house, you decide how and where these items are placed so that they serve their desired purpose. However, you can re-look at all of them and think of ways in which you can use existing household items for multiple tasks as it can help reduce the number of items at home and create more space. Just keep a simple thing in mind – a de-cluttered house looks more spacious than a cluttered one. Hence, focus on using fewer items and placing them carefully to boost space in your home.

05: Keep empty areas in your home

Imagine a corner of a house that has a rich rug, wallpaper, a wooden cabinet, and a crystal light hanging on the ceiling. Looks cluttered and distracting, doesn’t it? Remember, if you fill a room from floor to ceiling, you will end up feeling cluttered and distracted. Make sure that you keep empty areas in your home for the eye to rest. Don’t try to cover every surface in the room and make sure that all elements work cohesively to create a space with free-flowing energy. Hence, don’t underestimate the importance of empty areas in your home.

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